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A Note from Leah B. Noel, CPA, PC


Dear Clients and prospective Clients,

First on behalf of my team and I, we’d like to extend the warmest “Thank Yous” for taking time to consider using Leah B. Noel, CPA, PC for your professional accounting, bookkeeping, and financial oversight services.

We have been in business for nearly a decade because our clients choose, and loyally stay, with our firm, realizing that we do everything possible to care for their business, but also because we take great interest in nurturing their endeavors. Our dedicated and approachable customer service is rooted in our mission to treat everyone just as we would like to be treated. Doing what is best for the client with the utmost transparency is always the paramount objective at our office.

Our firm provides a holistic financial solution for your company's concerns and ambitions. This drives us to provide all the tools your company might need. We tailor our services to fit your needs.

When we are representing your firm, you are assured peace of mind and an optimized place for furthering your business goals and achieving new heights.

Thank you again for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you. Please feel free to call us with any questions that you may have or to make an introductory appointment.


Thanks, Leah