Advisory Services

Business Valuation

Certainly this is the most crucial aspect of any business and in fact it holds the key to success. This assessment tells the company where the business is heading. The future of the business, its goals and objectives, should also be considered. We have experienced and professionally qualified consultants who will make a proper evaluation of your business.

  • Evaluation based on opinions and periodical reviews
  • Appraisal of the critiques and business planning
  • Negotiation of complex issues and settling the same
  • Analysis of economic status including planning estate
  • Considering experts’ opinion

Expertise Service

There are many areas which are development oriented. At the same time, they may also involve tackling in-house problems. Tackling in-house problems is as important as tackling any other issues. If the in-house problems are not resolved, it would affect the overall growth of the company and lead to inefficiency. We have years of experience in settling challenging situations between partners or shareholders. Other services include planning the business operations, advice on mergers or acquisitions, and more.

Asset Management

Asset management is, frankly, more important than investment. It calls for careful planning and proper forethought. By learning the techniques of asset management, the profit of the company increases. Assets should be managed with regard to the goals and objectives of the company. The income from assets should increase the profit of the company. Debt management is a very important aspect as well. Debts should be only to those customers who are quite reliable. In this sector we have expertise in the following fields:

  • Debt management
  • Asset management
  • Charity giving
  • Investment

Wealth Solutions

Managing wealth does not mean just earning some money and keeping it in fit condition. That is only physical management. Effective management includes investments made while always keeping in view the laws of Income Tax. The savings we make on tax actually enhance the profit of the company. As for individuals, every amount saved will be used for the benefit of family. Some of the services we offer in this segment are:

  • Tax planning
  • Assess the income from estates
  • Business succession planning
  • Planning Retirement

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are part of every business. But this has to be done with care and caution, and we have to properly understand the implications of such mergers. By a merger, the company must be able to upgrade itself for the better. A successful merger calls for analysis of various aspects of the companies involved.

  • Search for any hidden costs and assess their effects on mergers
  • Analyze internal controls
  • Forecast of mergers
  • Evaluate the ongoing business