DOMA: Boom in Same Sex Marriages

Court Overrides DOMA Provisions

Thanks to the Court decision, which invalidated the DOMA provision that defined marriage, the IRS has released new guidelines for legally married same sex couples for filing their 2013 federal taxes.

The ruling encompasses couples married in states(or other countries) where same sex marriages are recognized as legal.  Starting with the 2013 tax year and moving forward, same sex spouses must now file using a ‘married filing separately’ or ‘jointly’ filing status.  Some couples may also be eligible to amend prior years’ federal tax returns.   This also brings about more detailed guidelines for same sex couples as in regards to ‘head of household’ filing status and tax treatments for ‘qualified joint ventures’.

Differing Federal Returns

Seeing as only 14 states legally recognize same sex marriages, state tax filing guidelines and restrictions will vary, and of course, may cause some confusion when requiring reference to federal returns.

Your CPA should be up to date on these new changes, and should be able to help you properly file your federal and state taxes as smoothly as possible.   We here, at Leah B. Noel, CPA, are happy to be of assistance to those taking advantage of their newfound equal rights. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us to plan your upcoming 2013 filing, please feel free to contact us.